Carry out activities for 2019-nCOV

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I.KDT followed requirements strictly from neighborhood office of returning to work. We implemented scientific system and precise policy timely to control 2019-nCOV, and we carried out various types of publicity and education to prevent spread, in order to popularize staffs’ knowledge.

II.Establish enterprise contact group to prevent spread, and carry out group control.

III.Materials for epidemic prevention and control have been prepared, such as 75% medical alcohol, 84-aerosol, hand sanitizer, watering can, disposable gloves and disposable protective mask. (Disposable mask for medical surgery and N95/KN95 protective mask)

IV.84-aerosol is sprinkled on the floor mat at the entrance of the company. We have daily temperature measurement and registration for employees. Our staff must wear mask before work. Ventilate each area per 2 hours and disinfect twice per day.

V.Isolation rooms were arranged by our company, in order to provide shelter for workers returning to work

VI.For external person, implement temperature measurement and hand disinfection strictly, check the QR code and register. Employees returning to Shenzhen from severe epidemic areas need to work after medical centralized isolation or home isolation as required by government notice

During the epidemic, we have been implementing the above measures strictly. Up to now, there are no suspected or confirmed cases. We want to provide more security space for employees' lives, and will continue to respond to the call of the state. We can fulfill social responsibility for epidemic prevention and control.